The Future of Transportation World Conference

10 December 2019
10 December 2019

Meet Vulog at The Future of Transportation World Conference on December 10 in Vienna, Austria.

As one of the first to recognize the potential of ‘getting transportation off the ground’, the Future of Transportation is a world-leading conference on the subject of ‘What Next?’. Their primary theme this year is ‘Do or Die’. Cities are already gridlocked; inter-urban motorways and autobahns have miles of queuing trucks and cars; air quality in many cities is already at crisis point. In some instances, the latter in particular, solutions are starting to be realized. However, the broader issues of gridlock and under capacity in transportation networks are a long way from being remedied.

Vulog’s Senior International Business Development Manager Gaëlle Bailly-Salins will give the presentation about 7 Key Ingredients for Carsharing Success.


Presentation topic: 7 Key Ingredients for Carsharing Success

Session: Stream 3: Changing Landscape for the Automotive Industry

Session time: 9:30 AM, December 10

Location: Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center, Vienna, Austria

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