GreenMobility announces Belgium and UK launch of electric car sharing


After launching successful carsharing services in Copenhagen (400 EVs) and Oslo (250 EVs), GreenMobility’s zero-emission shared vehicles will be hitting the streets of Belgium’s three largest cities; Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent – and the UK’s “Powerhouses of the North”, Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester by 2020.


Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent combined have more than 3 million potential customers over the age of 18. All three cities have the same challenges as other major cities in Europe namely: too many cars on the streets causing congestion and environmental strain worsened by cars powered by fossil-fuels. Partnering as a franchise with DTM, one of the largest taxi companies in Belgium, GreenMobility’s service will combine both partners’ knowledge and experience with fleet operations and customers’ mobility needs. There is indeed a strong synergy between the taxi and carsharing operations.

The UK

Together with Franklin Cars Ltd., a leading provider of financing for electric cars
for private hire & operating charging infrastructure, GreenMobility will be the first full-fledged, free-float carsharing service outside of London, operating in Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds. More importantly, all three of these cities have committed to becoming carbon-neutral, defined Clean Air Zones and declared a climate emergency. GreenMobility’s zero-emission vehicles will help these cities reduce their CO2 footprint and reach their climate targets.

“We see great potential for electric carsharing in these cities, as they have many similarities to
Copenhagen in terms of population and demographics”, says Anders Wall, Chief International
Officer at GreenMobility. “The interest and demand for the service is growing rapidly as in most
large cities across Europe, that prioritize the green agenda for mobility and focus on reducing
congestion and traffic challenges. Over the next few years, we will be expanding our service so that in 2021, we will provide you with green shared mobility in 15 cities.”

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