Meet AiMA, Vulog’s new

intelligent mobility platform
Smart, flexible, highly scalable: 3 words we had in mind when developing AiMA, Vulog’s new generation of open mobility platform. Fully API-driven, AiMA enables sophisticated technical integrations to offer a fully customizable, end-to-end turnkey solution.

Fueled with Vulog’s data insight and artificial intelligence proficiency, AiMA takes fleet operations to the next level, opening the path to predictive demand management, new mobility services integration and autonomous shared mobility.
Mobility platform


Build a loyal member base with an intuitive and sticky user experience.

Offer instant registration, on-demand access and advance reservations, multi-account management, and so much more within one seamless application and/or website.

Have an existing app or website? Connect it via APIs for a customized user experience.


Optimize your operations, manage your fleet and accelerate customer acquisition with a sophisticated management platform to secure the profitability of your carsharing service.

AiMA's full scalability allows for efficient management of multiple cities, vehicle models, and business models in one robust platform.

In-car Tech

In-car Tech
With our proprietary and OEM compliant hardware, you can create a truly unique customer experience.

Your vehicles already have an embedded telematics? We can work with that too.

Open APIs

Open APIs
Fully API-driven, AiMA enables sophisticated technical integrations to offer a fully customizable, end-to-end solution.

There’s no limit to what you can do and 3rd party partners you can integrate with.

Unique data

science expertise
Understand mobility patterns, analyze demand across multiple spectrums, track and optimize revenues, Vulog’s Business Intelligence is at your fingertips to help your business grow and scale-up.

Our unique experience with dozens of customers around the world, combined with our Artificial Intelligence proficiency, enables us to anticipate end-user demand unlike any other, while optimizing fleet balancing.

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Autonomous mobility

in motion
The future of mobility will be shared, electric and autonomous.
Carsharing is the stepping stone for autonomous mobility. While our experts partner with you to make your AV project to life (robotaxi, shuttle, concept car…), our technology is 100% autonomous compatible and already live globally.

Watch the video below to find out about our AV carsharing experiment in Nice!