Beyond Tech: Mobility Consulting


Author Bio: Sascha Deutsch, Head of  Consulting, is supporting Vulog’s clients in building up and improving their mobility offer. Before working at Vulog, Sascha had been advising private and public sector clients in a variety of sectors from Alixio Change and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Tell us about the state of the shared mobility market – where’s it going and what’s next?

The shared mobility market is more dynamic and exciting than ever. Not only are OEMS reinventing themselves and entering the market, but players from different sectors (energy, insurance, automobile clubs, … ) are revolutionizing the way we move from A to B. Consumer behavior has changed and citizens expect a comprehensive and flexible mix of transport options. Technological innovation now allows for on-demand, cost-efficient, and above all user-centric transport modes. The future will be even more green and flexible – whether you need a kick-scooter for 5 minutes or a hybrid car with a bike rack for 2 weeks.

What’s your biggest piece of advice for newcomers to the shared mobility market?

Build your offer for actual user needs! Mobility patterns have changed and customer choices reflect this. Only a carefully thought-out user experience – from the car through the registration process to dynamic pricing – will convince customers to partner up with you. Secondly, build your offer on existing assets and knowledge, regardless of whether you are a local brand or global car manufacturer. This might be sales channels, charging stations, parking spaces, member networks, a local brand, etc.

Walk us through the life cycle of a mobility project, how does Vulog Consulting add value for a mobility operator?

Tech Mobility Consulting projects are as different as our customers and the final end users. Some operators have years of experience and come with a clear concept – others start from scratch. In any case, each offer is tailored to our customers’ needs.

At the beginning of any project stands a vision which will be tested in one or several business cases: which city to choose? What is the local situation like? The competition? User preferences? City support? We help answer these questions then support you in defining a detailed offer and building an implementation plan. The time just before and after go-live is particularly crucial for the success of the service. Last but not least: a close and dynamic follow-up of the service, customer satisfaction, offer and marketing is key.

Based on 12 years of experience with thousands of vehicles on the streets worldwide, we support our clients with targeted workshops, benchmarking, best practice and research activities.

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