Car Sharing Campout

15 October 2019
15 October 2019

Meet Vulog at Car Sharing Campout on October 14-15 in Paris, France.

The Car Sharing Campout aims to tackle some of the challenges cities are facing in their car sharing programs. Bringing together key automotive players, mobility researchers and organizations working to improve future challenges in mobility, the Car Sharing Campout will include state-of-the-art innovation workshops to help create breakthroughs for cities. It is the one innovation-focused mobility event you do not want to miss!

Vulog’s International Business Development Manager Quentin Chesnais will be on the Tech talks to discuss how new technologies and start-ups are revolutionizing the car sharing industry.


Section: Tech talks

Time: 12:00AM-13:00PM, October 15

Location: Anticafé Olympiades, 59 Rue Nationale, 75013 Paris

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