#Madrid, here we come! 🇪🇸💃 After Paris, London and Los Angeles... We are excited to bring our #MobilityNeXT event to the capital of Spain, which is a model city when it comes to #SharedMobility.
To register 👉 https://t.co/9T66XfqmpX

We recently sat down with @julie_pizarro, Chief Strategy Officer @Troopy_FR, to talk about how #Paris’ 2nd largest player in the #scootersharing 🛵 market dealt with growing demand while keeping the same service quality 👉 https://t.co/0Rcv2iUgAh
#SharedMobility #WomenInMobility

We're excited to be part of the "What’s Coming Next in Mobility" panel at #DCAutoShow on Jan. 23! @Alex_Thibault will be on stage with @ljaautonews @Automotive_News, @UpstreamAuto & @LunewaveInc to discuss the #FutureOfMobility | https://t.co/u6xPSJSL2z @mktsinsider @WashAutoShow

16 January 2020

The Shared Journey: Julie Jane Pizarro from Troopy

Last year we witnessed a market boom in moped sharing. For this edition of The Shared Journey, we sat down with Julie Jane Pizarro, the Chief Strategy Officer of Troopy,…
6 December 2019

[Video] Vulog in Los Angeles

What a day in LA! Highlights of our #AutomobilityLA & #MobilityNeXT events where we had the pleasure of connecting the and hear insight from the leaders that are making shared…
2 December 2019

[AutoNews.com] The Brains Behind Shared-Mobility Services

Automakers experimenting with new mobility services are increasingly turning to a little-known French company to provide the brains behind their fledgling operations. Read the complete article on Automotive News.
20 November 2019

How Shared & Electric Mobility Transforms the City: A World Tour

On November 5th, 2019, Vulog's CEO Grégory Ducongé went on the AutoTech stage at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. He took this opportunity to share with the crowd how…
19 November 2019

A new launch for Vulog’s AiMA platform in the Los Angeles market

LOS ANGELES. November 19th, 2019 -- Vulog, the world’s leading platform powering new mobility services, announced today that it had added the city of Los Angeles to its list of major markets.…
15 November 2019

Tech Expert Joins Vulog: Chief Sales Officer - David Coulombel

After working in the world top IT company as the sales manager for many years, David Coulombel recently joins Vulog's leadership team as the Chief Sales Officer. Today, let's talk…
8 October 2019

Beyond Mobility: Vulog Consulting with Antonin Guy

After leading the global sales team for years, Antonin Guy recently becomes Vulog's VP Consulting and Strategic Initiatives. He will be offering the consulting business with more potentialities. We gather…
1 October 2019

Multimodal shared mobility powered by Vulog accelerates progress towards true Mobility-as-a-Service

Schemes in Belgium and Sweden are Europe’s first multimodal shared mobility services User engagement increases by up to 34% during multimodal and multi-city trials powered by Vulog Research shows single…